B&W film developer


Strong sharpness / Suitable for push processing

BERSPEED : the high energy developer by Bergger

We have designed the BERSPEED developer to achieve both high sharpness, a wide grey scale and to give the ability to push film

When film is used at its rated sensitivity, BERSPEED provides images with full shadows and highlights that are not burned, even in high contrast situations.

BERSPEED is a powder developer. It is recommended to dissolve it in demineralized water for best results. The prepared solution has a shelf life of 6 months.

Delta 100 + Berspeed : the sharpness ultra

The combination of Delta 100 film and BERGGER Berspeed developer is explosive. The grain remains fine and the sharpness of the contours is very strong. With this combination, it's easy to obtain extremely sharp images for work full of detail.

Delta 100 medium format film exposed at 100 iso and developed in BERGGER Berspeed developer at 20°C for 10' with agitation every minute.

Berspeed + TriX: softness and precision

Tri-X film is part of the legend of analogue photography. Renowned for its flexibility of use and exposure tolerance, Tri-X needs an energetic revelation that allows its range of greys to be exploited positively. Developed in Berspeed, Tri-X is characterized by controlled contrast, fine grain and great sharpness.

Medium format Tri-X film exposed at 400 iso and developed in BERGGER Berspeed developer at 20°C for 11' with agitation every minute.

Pancro 400 + Berspeed: for the love of grain

BERGGER Pancro400 film is characterised by its classic grain and very wide grey scale. It is a film that requires demanding processing to reveal its full potential. The Berspeed developer has been designed to take advantage of the specific characteristics of this film. With its two light-sensitive layers, Pancro400 film offers a very wide exposure latitude, which the Berspeed fully exploits. The grain created by the combination of Pancro400 and Berspeed offers an inimitable image texture.

BERGGER Pancro 400 medium format film exposed at 400 iso and developed in Berspeed at 20° for 11' with agitation every minute.

Films Foma 35mm + Berspeed

Adding impact to classic films

Foma films are conventional films that contain a single layer of light-sensitive emulsion (most films on the market today are prepared with two light-sensitive layers). Developed in conventional developers, these films tend to provide images with low contrast. Developed in the BERGGER Berspeed developer, Foma films gain in contrast and present high sharpness.

Foma 100, 200 and 400 35mm films exposed at their nominal sensitivity and developed in BERGGER Berspeed at 20°.

Push processing +1

Pancro400 @ 800 iso

We recommend increasing the development time by about 30% for films that are pushed by one stop and developed in BERGGER Berspeed. For example, for a Bergger Pancro 400 film exposed to 800iso, the recommended development time is 10'50 at 24°C. In this example on a Bergger Pancro 400 film in 35mm the grain remains fine and the contrast is contained.

Contained grain at very high sensitivity

Delta 3200 processed in Berspeed

The BERGGER Berspeed developer makes it possible to obtain a contained grain and a wide range of greys in high sensitivity, as here with this example of the combination between Ilford Delta 3200 film (in medium format) and Bergger Berspeed.