• Liquid film developer
  • 250 ml A + 500 ml B
  • Very fine grain
  • High sharpness
  • For over-exposed films

The PMK formula was developped by Gordon Hutchings, in order to create a universal developer, adapted to a wide variety of modern films, and to a wide range of shooting conditions.

The PMK formula allows to achieve the following characteristics : sharpness of contours, very low fog, yellow staining of the negative. Staining intensity depends on the reduced silver quantity

An alkalin fixer, like BERGGER Berfix, is required to obtain the best negative stain, and the best stability in time.

PMK is delivered as two solutions that have a very long shelf life, if they are not mixed.

In standard dilution (1+2+100), the PMK kit allows the photographer to prepare 25 L of working solution.