Kolodozero - Lim. edition option 3 / Aleksey Myakishev

  • Limited edition option n°2
  • 10 copies numbered and signed 
  • 20x23,5cm photograph printed by the author on baryta paper
  • Photobook Kolodozero

Looking for the emotions that underpin human society, Aleksey Myakishev photographed this story between 2011 and 2015 in Kolodozero. Immersed in the daily goings-on of a village in north-west Russia, the reader is taken on a journey to a time and location where life is simple yet profound.

About the book

Interview of the author on The Leica Camera Blog

"[The work of Aleksey Myakishev in] Kolodozero, an isolated village in Carelia, is at the same time an offering to nature and people, a fugue, an elegy, and the evocation of a fabulous childhood lulled by fabulous stories." Yann Garret, chief editor of french photo magazine Réponses Photo (n°291, June 2016)

"A success for this new publisher dedicated for the silver halide photography." Polka (n°34, June 2016)

"The eternal Russia, far from the grandeur of the Kremlin and the spots of the city. Far from pubs and luxury shops. It's the Russia of never ending winters and too short summers. The Russia of honest people. Of ongoing life. And close to nature. There are all these things, in the book Kolodozero by Aleksey Myakishev, a photographer whose humility is only as high as his talent." Dominique Derda, international reporter for France Televisions