The new generation monobath developer


ONE chemical / ONE process / ONE developing time

10' to develop and fix

BERGGER ONE, the new name for the universal developer-fixer

BERGGER One is a monobath developer/fixer formulated by our lab, to process, with a single solution, films that were exposed to their real sensitivity. Extremely simple and flexible to use, it operates between 20 and 25°C, developing and fixing all films in 10 minutes. Different films can be processed at the same time. BERGGER One combines simplicity of use with quality of result: film definition is excellent and the gray scale wide. 

Below, tests carried out with 35mm film in panoramic format: Delta400, PanF50, Kodak TriX, Kentmere 100, FP4+.

35mm film in classic 3:2 format: Kentmere 400, Ilford HP5+, Foma 200, Fuji Acros 100II, Rollei Superpan 200, Foma 100

120 film in square format: Ilford HP5+, Kodak TMax400, Kodak Tmax100

Recommended ISO exposure

Recommended ISO exposure

BERGGER One develops and fixes films in a single bath. The process starts with developing, then after a few minutes the fixer kicks in, greatly simplifying the process. Films are processed in 10'. Development temperatures between 20 and 25° do not affect the quality of the result. The only element that will vary the quality of development is the sensitivity to which the film has been exposed. According to our tests, the exposure table presented here guarantees a balanced negative with unburnt highlights and detailed shadows. It should be noted that some films, in particular Foma films, need to be exposed more generously than their nominal sensitivity.

BERGGER One + Print

The negatives delivered by BERGGER One are balanced and perfectly suited for darkroom printing. To the right, an example of a photograph printed on baryta paper from PanF50 film exposed at ISO 25 and developed in BERGGER One.