Generations / Special edition

  • Numbered copie
  • with a print signed by the author
  • 15 copies
  • Photographic book

Limited Edition

  • Silver-gelatin print on baryta paper BERGGER warm glossy 280 g
  • Print Size 10 x 15 cm, paper size 13 x 18 cm
  • Signed and numbered

Photographic book

  • Photobook
  • Numbered copie
  • Texts in French and English
  • 128 pages
  • 109 photographs
  • 20x28 cm
  • Removable cover - title in English
  • ISBN: 978-2-9572377-0-8

Since his beginnings in photography, Igor Mukhin has tirelessly questioned the Moscow street and, with Generations, gives us the history of 35 years of societal transformations in Russia.

"These photos born out of the counter-cultural movement take a long hard look at Russia and present a frank and unvarnished view of their subjects. From Gorbachev to Putin, via the transition period and Boris Yeltsin, Igor Mukhin spans the generations always managing to preserve the distance that comes from being on the margin. Everyone - people who feel nostalgia for communism, the partisans of a return to order, the consumer elite and people downtrodden by the new system, not forgetting representatives of the forces of repression and the various forms of counter-power, has passed in front of his camera."

 Excerpt from the foreword by Michaël Houlette, director of Robert Doisneau House