BERGGER Selenium
BERGGER Selenium

BERGGER Selenium Toner - Toner

  • Selenium toning solution
  • Enhance depth of blacks
  • Shifts print tonality
  • Enhanceconservation
  • Dilution from de 1+3 to 1+19 (according to desired effects)

BERGGER Selenium Toner is a selenium toning solution, which can be used either direct after washing, or indirectly after a bleaching step.

BERGGER Selenium Toner allows to enhance blacks, and/or to change the tonality.

Its effect is stronger with warmtone papers.

BERGGER Selenium Toner can be used diluted 1+19 in order to have deeper blacks, and to protect the print against aging.

To get a change in tonality, a higher concentration is required : between 1+4 and 1+9, depending on the required strength of the tonality shift.