CYANOTYPE - Emulsion

  • Liquid emulsion to make blue prints
  • 2 x 300 ml

Cyanotype is an old monochrome photographic process that makes Prussian Blue print. The technique was invented by the british scientist and astronomer John Frederick William Herschel in the 19th century.

With the cyanotype technique, you can create photograms from objects plated on the sensitized paper or contact prints from a photographic (or digitally created) negative. As the emulsion is UV sensitive you can easily make contact prints or photograms using sunlight, with no special tools needed.

The complete set (2x300 mL) BERGGER Cyanotype is capable of coating 300 8x10" sheets.

The 100% cotton papers BERGGER COT 320 and BERGGER COT 160 are very suitable for blue prints.