BERGGER ONE - Monobath film developer

ONE chemical / ONE Process / ONE developing time 

  • Monobath developer & fixer
  • For b&w films
  • No dilution / reusable
  • Capacity:1L can process 20 films
  • Made in France in-house
  • checkGrain : Modéré
  • checkRésolution : Moyen

BERGGER ONE is a completely new generation monobath developer, it has been formulated in-house to combine ease of use, and great quality result.

BERGGER ONE is ONE chemistry, ONE step, and ONE processing time for every film. Extremely simple and flexible to use, it operates between 20 and 25°C, developing and fixing all films in 10 minutes. Different films can be processed at the same time.

BERGGER ONE combines simplicity of use with quality of result: film definition is excellent and the gray scale wide. 

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