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Paris Couplets - Limited edition Zoom

Paris Couplets - Limited edition

Photographic booklet and two prints

  • Numbered issues (from 1 to 15)

  • 2 signed prints 20 x 25 cm on silver gelatin baryta paper

  • 48 pages

  • 46 photographs

  • 20x25 cm

  • Paperback

  • ISBN: 978-2-9555912-3-9


Limited edition of 15 numbered copies with 2 signed print by the photographer, 20 x 25 cm on silver gelatin BERGGER paper.


In Paris Couplets,the pairs of photographs combine lines, reflections and movement to offer a spellbinding take of the urban environment. Just like a modern-day Brassaï, the photographs reveal the full beauty of the City of Light; and from start to end, Kit Young's photographs embody a young Englishman's love for Paris. These moments in time, as seen by foreign eyes, remind us of just how beautiful Paris is. Paris, for evermore.